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The Wedding Palace Interview with S. Uuderuya

The Wedding Palace

Location: Ulaanbaatar

Year: 2015

The Wedding Palace in Ulaanbaatar was built in 1976. It was built by Soviet experts at the initiative of Tsedenbal Filatova, the late Russian wife of Mongolia’s long-ruling party and state leader Yü. Tsedenbal. At that time the city of Ulaanbaatar had a population of just half a million and the then Mongolian leaders deemed it important to have a wedding palace where marriages would be registered and wedding ceremonies held, as part of the party program to promote ‘socialist type families.” The interior of the palace has many work of arts, including wood carvings and stone works. During the last 40 years more than 36.800 wedding ceremonies have been held here. Today, during auspicious days, wedding ceremonies are held from dawn to dusk and the wedding ceremonies tend to be extremely elaborate.