Research Program

Research Program

RedHero has created a long-term research program both for international and local artists. International artists are invited to come to Mongolia for a minimum period of 2 weeks and are encouraged to come back as many times as possible as they develop an in depth research on Mongolian context and culture.


The founding vision of the program is multifaceted: to establish an artistic research program as a tool for interpretation, to provide an alternative representation of the contextual background, and to facilitate dynamic and exciting interventions within and around the territory. The RedHero Research Program aims to create a meaningful and symbiotic interaction between the artist and the surrounding areas.


So far, the artists invited have included: Antoni Muntadas (2016), Mark Dion (2017 – on going), Dana Sherwood (2017 – on going), Tuguldur Yondonjamts (2017 – on going) and Michael Beutler (2018 – on going).


Field Notes

Field Notes is a series of videos dedicated to artists’ experiences, thoughts and considerations as they reflect upon the context they are exploring, usually in relationship with their own project’s methodological approach and area of interest. Field Notes is a travel diary, with notes, thoughts, reflections and considerations that link the context with the practice of research and the interests of each artist.

Project Methodology

Project Methodology is an ongoing series of public talks that RedHero proposes every year with artists part of the research program. Through a series of lectures, talks or interviews, Project Methodology explores how and why artists do what they do and how the shape their research. ‘Project Methodology’ means a system of procedures that may be derived to interpret or reflect upon different problems within the scope of a particular discipline, in this case contemporary art.


The first public talk of Project Methodology was with artist Antoni Muntadas; it was the first RedHero’s event, which happened on the 29th of July of 2018 at The Fine Art Museum of Zanabazar.


The project is itself a working methodology which directs its attention to interdisciplinary processes, specially related to theory and practice and the city space as a focal point.