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The Project

2015.11.02 [luna park] Synced Sequence.00_48_06_10.Immagine014
2015.10.29 [cover_paesaggi (economist)] Synced Sequence.00_06_19_13.Immagine005
2015.11.02 [black market] Synced Sequence.02_41_59_15.Immagine047
Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan
2015.10.27 [cover_paesaggi] Synced Sequence.00_00_48_05.Still001
2015.10.31 [forum cinema_cover] Synced Sequence.00_13_56_20.Still001
redhero - Cachemere_factory 2
2016.08.14 [elsen tasarkhai to UB]_edit_drone_00374

RedHero is a long-term local and international project constructed around Mongolian arts and culture with a particular focus on the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, whose name translates to “Red Hero”.

RedHero is an open map to explore Mongolian culture, observing different aspects of society and bringing to light unexpected and unknown Mongolian stories. To do so, RedHero has created an online Atlas, a digital and interactive platform conceived to be a tool to virtually explore Mongolian culture and its society. RedHero Atlas includes more than 100 interviews with a wide range of amateurs and professionals, as well as videos of the most significant landmarks and cultural places in Ulaanbaatar and the surrounding regions.

To trigger a transdisciplinary disciplinary narration, RedHero has created a long-term research program both for international and Mongolian artists, to develop an in depth research on Mongolian context and culture.The founding vision of the program is multifaceted: to establish an artistic research project as a tool for discovery, dialogue and interpretation and to facilitate exciting and engaging cultural relations and actions within and around the territory.