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President of the Mongolian Shamanistic Confederation Interview with Jargalsaikhan Dorjgotov

President of the Mongolian Shamanistic Confederation

Location: Ulaanbaatar

Year: 2016

The Mongols have a rare destiny. 1225 years ago the Kuhnnu kingdom adopted the faith of the Eternal Blue Sky as its state religion. Since then, the Mongols have followed this belief but their history has been difficult and not without complications. The President of Mongolian Shamanistic Confederation, Jargalsaikhan Dorjgotov, explains the development and interference that the faith of the Eternal Blue Sky has undergone through the millennia and dominations imposed and suffered by the Mongolian Empire. In 1921, after the Mongolian People’s Revolution, an atheist wave spread all over the country and the role of the shamans was further repressed. During the Great Recession, hundreds of followers of the faith were killed or imprisoned. The change of the 1990s presented itself as an opportunity for the population: nationalism and Mongolian pride were strengthened. According to a survey by the U.S. Embassy, followers of the Eternal Blue Sky rose from 1% of the population in the early 1990s to 16% in 2013.