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Zorig Foundation Project: Dear Migrant, We Are With You Interview with Gansuren Shileg and Oyungerel Tserenkhuu

Zorig Foundation Project: Dear Migrant, We Are With You

Year: 2016

Zorig Foundation is a Mongolian non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) established in October 1998 after the assassination of Mongolian pro-democracy politician Zorig Sanjaasuren. The Zorig Foundation seeks to spread democratic values in Mongolian society; strengthen human rights, and social justice; as well as improve the system of transparency and accountability of the government to the public. In order to meet the above objectives, the Zorig Foundation concentrates its programs in three areas: Youth and Education, Good Governance, and Community Building.

“Dear Migrant, We Are With You” is a project which started in 2005. It aims to help people moving from the countryside to the city of Ulaanbaatar,trying to adapt to a urban lifestyle completely different from that of nomads and shepherds. In 2005 also UNESCo started to work on the project. Gansuren Shileg specifically worked with women based in the so called “ger district” of the city.