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Mongolian Paleontology Center Interview with Dr. Tsogtbaatar Khishigjav

Mongolian Paleontology Center

Location: Ulaan Baatar

Year: 2015

Amongst all numerous paleontological finds and collections, the dinosaurs finds and fossils of Mongolia are listed on the top in the world. There are six top spots in the world where dinosaurs finds where discovered, and Mongolia is listed in the first three spots out of these six.
Dr. Tsogtbaatar, who is one of Mongolia’s leading paleontologists, explains the importance of Paleontological Heritage of Mongolia as well as activities that the Mongolian Paleontology Center has spurred on over 50 years in Ulaanbaatar.

About Dr. Tsogtbaatar Khishigjav

Dr. Tsogtbaatar Khishigjav graduated from Mongolia’s National University as a biologist and completed his doctoral work at the Kagoshima University of Japan. He began his career as a research staff member at the Institute of Geology of Mongolia’s Academy of Science and served as the director of Mongolian Paleontological Laboratory and the Natural History Museum. Currently, he is the director of the Mongolian Paleontology Center, the top research institute in Mongolia. ​Dr. Tsogtbaatar began his field research and excavation career in the early 1980s. He has led many expeditions including the excavation a complete skeleton of Tarbosaurus bataar found in the western Gobi.