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‘Ulaanbaatarization’ was an exhibition organised by RedHero at Serra dei Giardini in Venice (Italy) in October 2017 and it included twelve videos by eight Mongolian artists.


The works reflect upon the fast urbanization that Mongolia, and particularly its capital city Ulaanbaatar, has had from 1930s until 1990s. The economical growth of the city had brought many nomads living in the steppe to move in the urban areas of the country changing their lifestyle and their nomadic culture for good. The videos highlight the consequences of these events, from a contemporary and Mongolian perspective.


The artists involved were: Maralgua Badarch, Baterdene Batchuluun, Altantovch Bat-Ochir, Darkhijav Jadambaa, Zoljargal Purevdash, Narbayasgalan Ulambayar, Zoro Zolush and Zulaa Urchuud. The film-makers used 16mm and 35mm archival footage from the National Archives of Mongolia to create experimental video art pieces related to Ulaanbaatar’s history and the social and cultural impact it encountered over the years.


The exhibition was organised by RedHero and it followed a projected that was started by the Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) and the General Archive Authority. Between April and May 2017, these two institutions organized a two weeks workshop in UB, inviting the the Moldovan artist and curator, Stefan Rusu and the American composer and film producer John Davis. They covered a wide range of topics from how to digitize 16mm and 35mm film reels to various experimental film methods using celluloid films.



Exhibition at Serra dei Giardini, Venezia (Italy)
28.10 – 26.11.2017

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