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Contemporary Visual and Performing Arts Interview with Ts. Ariunaa

Contemporary Visual and Performing Arts

Location: Ulaanbaatar

Year: 2015

When Mongolia became an independent Republic, in 1992, everything has changed also the the art sector. Before that date, even though culture and arts had been vividly supported by the soviet regime and centralized by political parties, censorship had always controlled any subjective, individual artistic product. In 1992, with Mongolian new constitution, it was declared that every citizen has the right of self-expression, so do artists. That was a turning point for artists, but it took awhile for artists to understand what they wanted to express instead of thinking about what they had to represent on behalf of someone else. C.Ariunaa, director of Mongolian Art Council (until 2016) and Cinema Producer, explains how the cultural sector (contemporary art, music, dance and cinema) has developed after 1992.