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Sumati Luvsandendev Naidalmnaa Interview with the celebrated singer of the Theatre State of Opera

Sumati Luvsandendev Naidalmnaa

Year: 2018

Sumati Luvsandendev Naidalmnaa is one of the most famous opera singer of Mongolia.

She tells RedHero the story of how she moved to the city after World War II, the music school and how her career as singer grew after her graduation in 1960. At the moments she teaches at the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture (MSUAC). She joined the State Theatre of Opera in 1961 as a “prima donna” and acted in many classic operas until early 2000s. In this interview she explains her fulfilling and intense career, as well as her love for Mongolia and its people considered by her “as kind as human can be”.