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National Railway Museum Interview with former journalist Mr. Nyamdash

National Railway Museum

Location: Ulaanbaatar

Year: 2015

The origins of the development of a railroad through Mongolia were born in 1837, during the Manchu Empire. The idea came from a specialist of the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Russia, a man named Bogdanov. In 1911, after the Bogd Khaganate was established, the Mongols stressed more and more on the importance of a railway between Khuree (now the capital city Ulaanbaatar) and Nalaikh mine. In 1937 this railway started to be realised with the aim of transporting coal. It then opened one year later. Later Mongolia began to consolidate the creation of a more complex railway network. The journalist Mr. Nyamdash explains the further development of railways on the territory of Mongolia, including through the complex period of the Soviet Union.