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Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party’s General Secretary Interview with B. Tulga

Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party’s General Secretary

Location: Ulaanbaatar

Year: 2015

The Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party is a political party in Mongolia. The party is abbreviated MPRP in English and MAKN in the transliterated Mongolian form. The MPRP was the ruling party in Mongolia from 1921, when it was established, until 1996 (with no other political parties allowed until 1990) and from 2000 until 2004. It is claimed to have been the first real political party in Mongolia. It was originally known simply as the Mongolian People’s Party, but added the word “Revolutionary” at a conference in 1924.
In 2015, RedHero interviewed the General Secretary of MPRP, B. Tulga. Tulga explains the development of the cultural and art sector in Mongolia in the recent years. This change was caused by three main transactions that Mongolian society has faced in the last fifty years: the shift from a nomadic to a settled culture, the shift from a feudal system to Socialism, and the passage from a socialist centrally planned economy to a market oriented one.