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Interview with Director Jigjidsüren Gombojav

Interview with Director Jigjidsüren Gombojav

Location: Ulaanbaatar

Year: 2015

Jigjidsüren Gombojav (Mongolian: Гомбожавын Жигжидсүрэн) is a Mongolian film director and screenwriter. His films include The First Steps (Анхны Алхам) (1974), The Legend of Mother Oasis (Эх Бүрдийн Домог) (1975), Khatan-Bator (Хатанбаатар) (1981), Tears of the Rock Monument (Хүн Чулууны Нулимс) (1990), Warm Ashes (Бүлээн Нурам) (1991), and Traces of Existence (Амин Мөр) (1992). He was awarded the highest honor in Mongolia for artists, the People’s Artist of Mongolia, in 2007 for his contribution to Mongolian cinema and television, and the highest literature award in Mongolia, D. Natsagdorj Literature Award, in 2011 for his documentary film about the poet D. Natsagdorj.