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International Intellectual Museum Interview with Mr. Tumen-Ulzii

International Intellectual Museum

Year: 2016

Mongolian State Honored Meritorious Person for Culture and great inventor, Mr. Tumen-Ulzii Zandraa is the founder of “International Intelligence Museum”, and currently he works as a president of “MoTuOv” LLC. The museum has participated in over 80 exhibitions in 52 countries and awarded Grand Prix and golden medal from international exhibition.Mr. Tumen-Ulzii Zandraa has been traveling over 20 countries around the world since 1994 promoting Mongolian intelligence games and collecting special games from other cultures. Now International Intelligence Museum has rich exhibitions covering intelligence games from more than 100 countries. The museum displays some puzzles created by Ulzii himself, as well as rare and precious puzzles from around the world. Over 5,000 toys, puzzles, and games are on view, most of which visitors are invited to fiddle with. Ulzii’s inventions are usually wooden, the pieces carved into whimsical Disney characters and animals of the zodiac. Some even depict figures from Mongolian history, like Genghis Khan. The simplest are the traditional six-piece models, but some puzzles in the museum include as many as 350 pieces. There are also various puzzles made from gold, precious stones, and silver. One turtle-shaped puzzle offers a prize of $100,000 if solved within a specific timeframe. In the museum’s three decades of operation, no one has ever solved it.