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Horse Fiddle Workshop Interview with Ijilkhen Ravdantseren

Horse Fiddle Workshop

Location: Ulaanbaatar

Year: 2016

Ijilkhen Ravdantseren has been a craftsman of musical instruments for over 30 years and now he has his own workshop, which is onsidered amongst the best ones in Mongolia. His teacher, Indarya – a master who awarded a state prize in this artcraft – tought him a lot about how to make musical instruments. They produce and repars different muscial instruments, such as wind and traditional string instruments. In the 1990’s I. Ravdantseren tried to open his own instrument factory but it didn’t succeed. He then started making horse head fiddles in his home. Since then, he has made more than 1300 horse head fiddles  by himself. Now he works in this workhosp with his collegue Baigali and the business is very satisfactory. I. Ravdantseren explains the history of the Mongolian horse head fiddle and the legend to which it is linked.