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Cashmere Factory

Cashmere Factory

Location: Ulaan Baatar

Year: 2015

After China (who produce about 70% of the world’s cashmere supply), Mongolia is the second largest producer of cashmere (at nearly 20%). ‘Cashmere’ is not a breed of animal although it is of course associated with the goats found in the highlands of Asia. It is this fineness which when woven gives the material its softness, lightness, warmth and strength. Indeed unlike other materials which get harder and weaker with use, cashmere gets softer and remains stronger for longer. Compared to wool, Cashmere is supposed to be up to 8 times warmer and as proportionally soft. Mongolian Cashmere is amongst the very finest at around 14.5 microns thick.

SOR Cashmere was born in 1998 for the purpose of preparation and trading raw materials. Since from our establishment, we are sourcing the finest quality Mongolian fibre – goat cashmere, yak hair and camel wool, which is a main life resources for herders. Expanded to all level of processing, such as raw material preparation, scouring, dehairing, dyeing, spinning and finally knitting – with fully vertically integrated facilities. This company employs over 100 employees with permanent jobs manufacturing annual processing rate of approximately 200 ton camel wool, 50-200 ton cashmere and over 30 ton yak down.