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Research Program


RedHero has created a long-term research program both for international and local artists. International artists are invited to come to Mongolia for a minimum period of 2 weeks and are encouraged to come back as many times as possible as they develop an in-depth research on Mongolian context and culture.


The founding vision of the program is multifaceted: to establish an artistic research program as a tool for interpretation, to provide an alternative representation of the contextual background, and to encourage new and dynamic cultural and creative actions within and around the territory. RedHero Research Program aims to create a meaningful and symbiotic interaction between the artist and the surrounding areas, a moment in which the artist comes to terms with the territory and vice versa.


So far, the artists invited have been: Antoni Muntadas (2016), Mark Dion (2017 – ongoing), Dana Sherwood (2017 – ongoing), Tuguldur Yondonjamts (2017 – ongoing) and Michael Beutler (2018 – ongoing).