RedHero is a long-term local and international project constructed around Mongolian arts and culture with a particular focus on the capital city Ulaanbaatar, whose name translates to “red hero”. 

The project’s main aims are to increase opportunities for citizens of Ulaanbaatar to experience and participate in arts and culture, to provide vibrant, diverse public spaces to spread and exhibit contemporary culture, and to create a dialogue between Mongolian and international artists with the creation of a residency program. In brief, the aim of the project is not just to enhance the potential artistic value of Ulaanbaatar but also to render it a pivotal breeding ground for artistic ideas on both a local and a global level. The research processes and activities in Ulaanbaatar are documented and communicated via an online archive, connecting the narratives with each other as well as with different audiences. 

The project, born in October 2015, started with a series of interviews with a range of people in Mongolian society and videos of the most significant landmarks and cultural places in and nearby the city.